But the nature

But the nature But the nature so deeply hided diskettes with these programs that to any programmers not to reach there, without risk to break the personality.

When I use analogies to the computer, I do it only for clearing of some moments of work of consciousness, but perish the thought!

to identify the person with the computer!

The world famous Indian devotee Ramakrishna often repeated a parable: Gorshechnik molds ware from soft clay if something was not pleasant to him, he can crumple a product and mold anew.

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In ten years

In ten years The image of the World has to be divided by all and therefore, to be result of the common democratic efforts.

But we will not combine the principle of the General Vision with anarchy or even quite democratic aspiration to say that will take in head and not to be responsible for the words.

In ten years of existence of Kitezh the most stubborn were two questions, with what we want to raise our children, and that we build in Kitezh.

I already expect an indulgent smile of the reader That did not solve before to begin construction and to take people?

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The plastic

The plastic The usual bib is tied on a neck behind, and the bib poncho is dressed through the head and tied on a shoulder.

To parents of little dirty creatures who only learn to eat independently, I advise to buy an apron with long sleeves or a terry bib on a polyvinylchloride lining.

The plastic bib will serve long, it suits children is more senior.

Behind it has an adjustable fastener, and in front it is bent so crumbs do not fall on a floor.

It is easy to wash and wipe it that serves as undoubted advantage.

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And after

And after But in process of my advance in researches on some reason the teenager for the teenager simply revealed before me and literally splashed out from himself sore subjects.

And after all we were not even familiar!

It seems that teenagers never miss opportunities to criticize parents in their most important work education business.

I learned everything that occurred not so in their talk with parents and why sometimes contrary to everything affairs went well.

In talk with some teenagers I was shocked with that their parents never talked to them on serious subjects.

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And such

And such Attempt to keep control by such means will only provoke a gap.

The child will not remember those toys which gave him.

The offense will return his memory to any episode of the early childhood full of pain and misunderstanding.

And such train of thought is farther approximately: They always offended me.

But then I was compelled to submit.

And now I absolutely another and I tear the internal threads connecting me with this pain and injustice.

I another, I cross out the past.

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